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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 2, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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different spins heading down to the wire for the race for president. the latest curve is a good one for a man who's livelihood was almost lost during the giant's victory celebration good evening. it is friday, november 2nd, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. she was sexually abused as a student years ago. she worked through it. she thinks school officials could of prevented it. so she filed a lawsuit. now, the district has replied and it has only add to her anguish. we met with the woman and got her story firsthand. >> reporter: ga asia, -- gasia, two decades ago she was
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a student and a sexual abuse student. >> reporter: a picture is worth 1,000 words. >> this two is when the abuse is starting. >> reporter: sometimes the silent words behind the smiling faces tell lies, trying to put on a good face. >> i think there is a blame that comes and shame that comes from being a victim of child sexual abuse. >> reporter: 17 years ago christian says she was sexually abused by not one but two teachers at the intermeadeiat school, in september she filed a lawsuit against the school district and former administrators saying they should of stopped it. this week they filed a legal response saying she played a role in her own abuse. >> i kept reading those words over and over again they was negligent and partially responsible and my eyes just locked on that. >> reporter: the super superintendent saying they did not mean to cause her more
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distress. we have an obligation not to wave any legal lines of defense. we read the statement to her that goes on to say of the district's 9 potential defenses she has seized on the one that blames the victim. >> i am going to cry. it is just hard to hear that i am seizing on something because this is -- this is my life. and i read those words and i was brokenhearted. >> reporter: she moved on to be a winning swim coach but this part of her life needs closure. >> it is important to me that they are held accountable because that is the way that i heal. >> reporter: now, the district claims she is suing for millions. she says she has not named a set amount that it would be up to a jury to decide. back to you. >> in the south bay a jury is
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split on the principal that is accused of not reporting suspicious behavior by a teacher relayed to her by a young student and her mother. she now awaits trial for alleging molesting five children. the judge says they are split 8- 4 if the principal should of reasonably suspected abuse was going on. san francisco police say they arrested a man today in a violent attack on a muni ain't that was caught on camera. 20-year-old riley purchased and kicked an agent to stopped to get on the train. the 55-year-old agent who suffered serious injuries, today the officers got a tip he wassa at city college. he was booked on felony battery chargees tphaot unemployment rate rose slightly in october even as the economy add jobs. the habbor department says the rate -- labor department says the rate kicks up from 7
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passport 8 in september. employers -- 7 .8 in september. employers add jobs, the august and september job figures were up as well. the increase because of the improving job market sept more market sent more people into the workforce. that piece add to the campaigns tonight. the numbers can can be spun either way it depends on who you ask. >> reporter: president barack obama and mitt romney see one number in two very different ways. just litch -- listen to supporters chapters. >> four more years,. >> four more days. >> so, monthly unemployment numbers take on different interpretations especially when they are released on the friday before a presidential election. president barack obama and his
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runningmate focused on 171,000 new jobs add to the economy. >> this morning we learned companies hired more workers in october than any time in the last eight months. >> created 5.4 new private sector jobs. >> reporter: for the first time there are now more workers in america than when the president took off in january 2009. mitt romney says look at a different number. we learned it is 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than what barack obama took off. >> reporter: hiring barely kept up with the population and 12 million people can not find a job. polls show americans think the economy and jobs are the major issues this time. back to you. on wall street, stocks
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finished lower. the dow lost way down by the insurance sector of concerns of the east coast cleanup. nasdaq fell 37. executives from restoration hardware rang the opening bell as it returned to the publicly traded company. they were listed on the nasdaq before going private in 2008. shares jumped 30% from $24 to just above $31. the company raised $124 million in the sale. the woman who played an important role in the abuse scandal involves san francisco creamy is hitting social media with a political ad. >> reporter: madison's message vote for anyone but supervisor christinaaa alogie. the neighbor that took the video of his wife's bruised arm. one of four supervisors to allow him to keep his job following the high profile
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ethics. san francisco city attorney is challenging the maker of a popular energy drink to prove its product is safe. we have written to the monster energy company asking it to substashiate the claims that the drinks are safe. the drinks came in for scrutiny last week after the fda disclosed five deaths are possibly linked to the beverages, in a statement monster energy says they have documentation to prove the safety of the drink products. crowds in san francisco set fire to a shoe shine stand but tonight the owner of the stand is back in business thanks to a generation donation, he received a brand-new stand today from san francisco recycling contractor. workers found wed and assembled a new stand where he has made his living now for the past six years. >> just overwhelmed. the best city here to live in
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the world. these people exactly out of the woodwork to help people trying to help themselves. >> they are planning find more replacement chairs that were destroyed by the vandals. the police told us there have been no arrests in the casism the evening commute is easing up after a big rig crash snarled traffic. a tractor trailer crashed into the divider of 680 near stone ridge at noon. the driver was pulled from the cab taken to the hospital after commanipulating of pain. it blocked all assault and battery lanes. traffic inched by on the shoulder. they spent the day cleaning up the wreckage including 40 gallons of spilled fuel. all lanes reopened at 5:15. now to east oak land. ground breaking for the first new store in 20 years. officials and executives at the kroger company grabbed shovels. the 80,000 square foot foods coast store will afrpgor the
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shopping center at 106th avenue. they say this area has been known as a food desert for years with many going for miles to get to a full-service grocery store. >> we are most tkpaoeuted about the fact that we are going to create 450 to 500 jobs in a community that has unemployment rates that approach 25%. it is really what it is is all about. >> developers say they lined up other retailers including ross and anna linens. it is set to open next summer. >> staginga a protest today in oakland. -- staging a protest today in oakland [everyone talking at once ] >> the rally at the airport was held in part after questions were raised after the misuse of public money in a ktvu investigation. they are demanding a new labor contract. giving back 15% of their salaries and pay more for health care. >> union workers say port officials lost credibility and
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the authority to make those demands, they say $1.3 million in debt and their employees make 20% more than their counter parts elsewhere. first friday art crawl is in full swing. six years ago with a few galleries holding open hours on the first friday of the month. now, into a full tphrepblg festival with more than 20 galleries. many other businesses and vendors taking part. they will be closed to traffic between 19th and twefp streets until 9:00 tonight. looking for stphog do this weekend go to and find our weekend extra tab. in san francisco. contra costa county officials say they will do more mosquito spraying to control west nile virus. they plan to spray at the concord naval weapon station. the timing will be different than usual. rather than working at night the crews will start at dawn.
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apple fans get their hands on the new mini tablet but something was missing this time when the stores opened their doors. >> for the 50th time monte vista is meeting up we have a live report, coming up. in weather, we have a batch of high clouds moving into most of the bay area. coming up, we will have patchy dense fog first thing in the morning and the warmest day of the up coming weekend
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chevron says their refinery will be operational early next year. that is nearly three months after a major fire there. the pipe burst causing a fire that sept a huge plume of smoke
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across the east bay. chevron says the fire had an impact in production. well, apple fans can finely get their hands on one version of the new i pad mini and the latest generation ipad. some of the fanfare was missing today when apple stores first opened their door its. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: kicking off the debut. lines long, excitement, high. here at the san francisco store at 8:00 a.m. it was more subdued with the line smaller than the number of apple staff serving those waiting. >> i thought it was going to be longer. i thought it was going to be wrapped around the corner. when the 3 came out it was wrapped around the corner. i was stoked when i saw the line. >> unlike the all size fits all
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iphone they must choose between the larger and smaller. >> i think i like the mini because i can carry it around. what i want to do is carry it around with me all of the time. >> i know i want one and i got to have it. so i came out this morning and i am super pleased. >> reporter: one of the relationship the lines may be shorter is -- one of the reasons the lines are shorter is these are the only ones available the krelue hrar ones will be out in a couple of week -- cellular one will be out in a couple of weeks. some potential buyers bought the earlier mini like the kindle fire. but apple stock hit $700 a share. i'm thom vakar, ktvu news.
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ids says mobile software ran on 70% of smart phones. apple's ios used on iphones ran on 15%. all operating systems were in the single digits. now, the latest following hurricane sandy. today, national guard troops searched house by house on long beach island, new jersey, they are searching for survivors and victims of the storm. residents may not be allowed to return to salvage belongings until next week. three million customers remain without power. in new york city, long lines formed at the few gas stations in manhattan that have both power and gasoline. the energy department says they will bring in fuel supplies tomorrow. on the political front, california senator, barbara boxer pointed out romney once called for cuts to the federal emergency management agency. >> as aination there are some
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responsibilities you can not short change or outsource. disaster relief is one of these. >> another controversy following the storm has been settled. today, new york mayor michael blockberg canceled the new york marathon saying it will distract attention. they said the race will go on to give people something to cheer about. a earthquake hit after 2:00 a.m. northeast of the island of mendono. the quake was at a depth of 24 miles. u.s. postal service is offering a $10,000 reward to help catch bay area mail thieves. neighbors provided the police with home surveillance video of the thieves at work. the police advise them not to leave outgoing mail in their boxes. it is punishmentable to time in prison and $25,000 fine. high school football game of the week goes deep into the heart of danville. monthy vista high are renewing
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their rivalry. we are -- monte vista high are renewing their rivalry. >> reporter: the 50th meeting develop -- between these teams. it is tight here. they can tie for the league championship with california high school, the one team that defeated california high school is monthy vista playing here tonight. -- monte vista playing here tonight. they are talking about how it is personal. >> these are neighbors, it is finally that high school senior year for a lot of them to get bragging rights. >> you look at the league record, 4-1. overall is 4-5. an unusual season. very much so. you know, i think, actually, i think we learned more from our losses. we have a bunch. but with it we learned and gained a lot of experience. i think it helped us form the
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league record. >> i think the other thing we learned is that they are play off teams, in addition to that rival pride you are playing for play off positions, aren't you. >> >> exactly. this is a big game with confidence and everything. and the reality is that you throw the records out and it is usually a heck of a game. we are in for a battle tonight. hopefully we are ready to go. lots of action in the first quarter. inside 6 minutes to play. monte vista taking the lead. kicking the field goal to get on the scoreboard. promises to be a good one. highlights on the 10:00 news. we will have more then, back to you. an extra 24 hours was enough time for the raiders to avoid having sunday's game blacked out. the nfl extended the deadline for the raiders to sell enough tickets to have the game airlock alley. when the time came, success. they last had a game pwhrabgd
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blacked out in 2010. giants world champions, sweeping success, hosted by sports director mark abonez. it will highlight the moments and catch it tonight at 9:00 only on channel 2. the nhl canceled the january 1st winter classic featuring the red wings. the latest and by far the most significant of the lockout casualty. they canceled hundreds of regular season games as significant revenue loss. accuse a politician of playing ping-pong he will take it personally. warm weather is back for the weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo will let us know where it could hit
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near record temperatures
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in a little more than 24 hours we will be gaining an extra one. daylight saving time ends sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. when it is time to set your clock back an hour. take advantage of that hour by checking smoke detectors and
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change the batteries and resetting the clocks and the watches and microwaves and even vcrs or do people have those? >> maybe a few of them. >> i am sure my parents do. let's talk about weekend weather. we are looking forward to it. >> it will be a beautiful weekend, gasia. this is the time we have the extremes, the cold, the warm, temperatures approaching the 80 degree mark. outside right now, high clouds moving into the parts of the region. the bulk of the rainfall is up to the north. we do have activity developing in parts. reporting cloud cover a few sprinkles up in that part of the region. you can pick it out on closer inspection. but, most of the rainfall up towards humble county. as far as the temperatures today, they warmed up a little bit today in most areas in the 60s around pacifica. napa, 70 degrees. some in upper sicks at sketch.
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forecast headlines for tonight. we do have high clouds tonight pushing into the region. patchy fog, a warming trend. extended into next week for monday, tuesday, fair skies and the temperatures on track to reach the lower 80s for the warmest locations for that time frame. overnight lows will be in the 40s to 50s. once again, a factor this morning, probably repeat perform apse for tomorrow. patchy dense fog in the north bay valleys, concord, 49, a lot of 40s in that region. it could impact your vicabilities early on saturday morning. but, high pressure returns it will push the storm track up to the north. look at what happens, the temperatures, a big bounce in the numbers, by sunday, that will be the warmest day of the weekend. the temperatures on track to reach upper 70s to 80 degrees. and then monday, tuesday, we could be talking about record- breaking heat around santa rosa and oakland. better watch out for that next week. forecast for tomorrow morning
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we have high clouds out there, once again, patchy dense fog but clearing, you will feel the warm up for your saturday. santa rosa, 76. fairfield, 73. oakland maxes out at lower 70s at 71. san jose, beautiful, lower 70s, 73 degrees, san francisco, inches closer to the 70 degree mark. going 69 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. your week weekend in view. more warming for monday and tuesday. ed lee set aside time today to have fun on market street. [music] >> he joined public works on market and powell today for a lively game of peupg pong. part of the better market street -- ping-pong. part of the better market street. it stretches to the embarcadero. thank you for trusting ktvu
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channel 2 news. tonight, a surprise at gas pump and we are live at san francisco at the parade underway right now. we are always here for you at n tv36
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